Meetings are held at 7PM

on the fourth Tuesday of each month

except for December

at the American Legion Hall located at

 5938 Parkcrest Ave, Long Beach, CA 90808



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                                                 Benefits of Membership- One year of our newsletter- Two Chances to win fundraiser drawing tickets at   each meeting- Entry into special members only drawings- Networking with knowledgeable members- Library of bird publications and media- Membership is just $20 a year! 


Long Beach Bird Breeders share information about bird species, their care, feeding, habitat,and conservation. Whether it be birds in the wild, aviary birds such as canaries, doves, finches, and other softbills; or tropical and exotic birds like budgies, cockatiels, parrots, and other hookbills.


The Long Beach Bird Breeders bird club has been meeting since 1975 with the idea of introducing bird novices and hobbyists to experienced bird owners and bird breeders.


Our members share their knowledge and experiences in aviculture with each other, and with those that are new to the hobby. Our goal is to educate adults and children on becoming involved with the bird hobby, and to promote the conservation of the wildlands, wetlands, birds, and the birding hobby, both locally and around the world, through engaging and informative programs.


Each month we have a dynamic and informative program about bird conservation, or the care, habitat, and breeding of one type of bird. After the program, we have a social time with refreshments, capped off with a fundraising drawing of bird products, birdseed, and at most meetings, a hand fed bird, or pair of birds are given away as prizes. Birds from the table are: small birds such as Gouldian Finches, Parrotlets and larger birds, like a Dusky Conure or Goffin's Cockatoo.

The Long Beach Bird Breeders are an affiliate club with the Aviculture Society of America


Long Beach Bird Breeders - bird care, feeding, habitat, conservation of wild and aviary, domestic birds